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My Hero Academia: episode 13 chat (beware of spoilers!!!)

I just finished watching episode 13 of My Hero Academia and everyone is picking their hero names. Seems simple enough at first glance but I feel like the episode is foreshadowing Lida pulling a Sasuke and getting consumed by revenge… but that’s just me… Anyway, Midoriya  decided to make Deku his hero name and to intern under All Might’s old teacher and possible the scariest(???) person All Might knows. We’ll see about that in the next episodes. I don’t know what else to talk about… Bakugo really wants to have murder in his name.


Feel free to add anything about the episode and discuss!


My Hero Academia: Spoiler Free

I’m not really sure how to start this so I’ll talk about a pretty well known anime. The first season of My Hero Academia has been dubbed and the second season is currently being dubbed by Funimation.

like a lot of other people I absolutely love the anime and Midoriya is my smol bean… anyway, the first season was interesting and did a nice job setting up the story and doing basic introductions. The first season didn’t get too in depth into the other characters and was a bit slow but having started the second season I believe this was on purpose and the show intends to pick up the pace a bit and go into depth about the other characters.

I’m currently on season 2 episode 12 so no spoilers! my hero academia